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Zhongshan Kangwang Electric Co., Ltd. is the design, production various types of home appliances based private enterprises, are the main business is production and sale of refrigerators. The company covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, has more than 300 outstanding employees. Product specification is complete, diverse styles, with excellent and stable quality and well received by domestic and foreign customers praise.


Companies in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system standards for quality management and control, all products are one-time through the national compulsory 3C certification, and pursuing a "customer focus, continuous innovation, continuous improvement" quality policy, in the high-quality staff, technical staff under the tireless efforts strive to provide customers with greater efficiency air Inter.

Strategic objectives

Kang Wang electrical business strategic objectives can be carried out according to the four major elements: market objectives, innovation goals, profit goals and social goals.

1, the market target. An enterprise in the development of strategic objectives when the most important decision is the relative position of enterprises in the market, it often reflects the competitive position of enterprises. The market position that the firm expects to achieve is the best market share, which requires a careful analysis of the customer, the target market, the product or service, the sales channel, and so on.
(1) product targets. Including product mix, product line, product sales and sales;
(2) channel objectives. Including vertical channel objectives, ie channel levels, and horizontal channel objectives, ie the number and quality objectives of the same channel member.
(3) communication objectives. Including advertising, business promotion and other activities of the budget and budget effect. 

2, innovative goals. In the society in which the environment changes intensively and the market competition is fierce, the concept of innovation is inevitable. Innovation as one of the strategic objectives of the enterprise, when the enterprise to survive and develop the vitality and vitality. In every business, there are basically three innovations: technological innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation. In order to set an innovative goal, the strategist must, on the one hand, anticipate the innovations needed to meet the market objectives, and on the other hand, evaluate the development of technological progress in all areas of the enterprise.
(1) institutional innovation goals. With the continuous development of production, causing the emergence of new forms of corporate organization. The goal of institutional innovation is the change and innovation of enterprise resource allocation, so that enterprises adapt to the changing environment and market.
(2) technological innovation goals. This goal will lead to the introduction of new production methods, including raw materials, energy, equipment, products and other tangible innovative goals, including the design of the process, the improvement of operational methods such as intangible targets. The goal of technological innovation will promote the broad and profound development of enterprises and the whole economy.
(3) management innovation goals. Management innovation involves business ideas, organizational structure, management style and means, management and other aspects of the content. The main goal of management innovation is to try to design a set of rules and procedures to reduce transaction costs, the establishment of this goal is the driving force for the continuous development of enterprises. 

3, profit targets. This is a basic goal of the enterprise, the enterprise must obtain economic benefits. As a business survival and development of the necessary conditions and limiting factors of profit, both the test of business results, but also the risk of corporate compensation, but also the entire enterprise and the entire social development of the source of funds. The achievement of the profit target depends on the efficiency and efficiency of the enterprise's resource allocation, including the input-output target of human resources, production resources and capital resources.
(1) production resource objectives. Under normal circumstances, companies can improve their investment and output relationship can be profitable. On the one hand, the production of each input unit is increased; on the other hand, in the case of constant unit production, the reduction in costs also means an increase in profits.
(2) human resource objectives. The improvement in the quality of human resources can improve the productivity of enterprises, while also reducing the cost of staff turnover costs. Therefore, the strategic objectives of enterprises should include the improvement of human resources quality, the establishment of good interpersonal relationships and other objectives.
(3) capital resource objectives. Achieving corporate profitability targets also requires the development of goals for the source and use of funds. On the one hand, it is necessary to establish a reasonable capital structure and minimize capital costs. On the other hand, profit is achieved through the operation of funds and assets. 

4, social goals. Modern enterprises are increasingly aware of their responsibility to users and society, on the one hand, companies must be responsible for the social impact of the organization; the other hand, enterprises must also bear part of the responsibility to solve social problems. Business increasingly relevant and pay attention to a good social image, both for their own products or services to win credibility, but also to promote the organization itself to get recognition. The social objectives of the enterprise reflect the contribution of the enterprise to society, such as environmental protection, energy conservation, participation in social activities, support for social welfare undertakings and regional construction activities.
(1) public relations objectives. The goal of this goal is to corporate image, corporate culture, usually in public satisfaction and social awareness as a guarantee, supportive goals.
(2) social responsibility objectives. Often refers to the enterprise in dealing with and solve social problems should or may be done, such as in dealing with environmental protection, community issues, public welfare role and play a role.
(3) government relations objectives. Enterprises as taxpayers support the operation of government agencies; the same time, the government's role in the constraints and guidance is also obvious


Development path

April 2002 formally established Zhongshan City Kangwang Electric Co., Ltd. also launched the company brand: Sony refrigerator

July 2003 through the ISO9001: 2000 version of the quality system certification, and now the company again in the annual review

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Our website is renewing, so it will not be accessed to for a while.

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December 2008 passed ISO14001: 2000 version of the environmental management system certification

March 2009 Kang Wang Electric Zhongshan for the first batch of "home appliances to the countryside" one of the successful bidder

Our website is renewing, so it will not be accessed to for a while.

Our website is renewing, so it will not be accessed to for a while.

Our website is renewing, so it will not be accessed to for a while.

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Business strategy:

Customer as the core
Technology for the pilot
Talent as a fundamental

◆ customers are prerequisites for the existence of enterprises, no customer's business can not survive;
◆ technology is in the competition to survive, develop and lead the cornerstone;
◆ the spirit of all things, in the "talent - talent - wealth" in the evolution of society to be promoted to progress;
◆ quality service is the basic elements of indispensable long-term friendly cooperation.

Our Mission:

create value for customers
Provide a platform for employees
Bring the common development of suppliers
Bear social moral responsibility

● In considering the interests of their own enterprises, we must first meet the needs of others (customers, employees, suppliers, social) interests
● long-term interests of enterprises than the short-term interests of enterprises; important is not how much profit in front, but tomorrow there is no profit qualification
● "Great Tang Dynasty" is not one day can be achieved, it is important that the company's ability to benefit in a balanced and sustained growth

Corporate vision:

Determined to become respected and the most innovative enterprises, for the global public to provide high-quality refrigerator products and disinfection cabinet and other electrical products, to create the best brand industry.

Innovation fast growth = "sound management, development stronger =" become the most trusted, industry-leading enterprises

Entrepreneurial spirit

Words and deeds of unity

· High quality - user evaluation, professional evaluation
· Robust business - continuous growth and continuous improvement
Reliable - employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, supplier satisfaction, customer satisfaction
· Industry leading - first-class cultural ideas, profound professional opinion, comprehensive competitive strength, good social influence

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Zhongshan Kangwang electric appliance co., LTD.
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