Joining the policy

Kang Wang electrical joined the steps

(A) customer consultation
Customers can telephone, fax, e-mail, letters, etc. to Kangwang electrical franchise marketing center to join the consultation, obtain relevant company information;


(2) to apply for joining
The customer after the initial consultation approved Kang Wang electrical appliances, to determine the initial intention of cooperation, to Kangwang franchise marketing center to obtain a franchise application form, and truthfully fill out the relevant form, by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter to submit Kangwang electrical franchise marketing Center to join.

(C) comprehensive quality audit


Kangwang electrical franchise marketing center according to the information provided by the franchisee to review:


1. Health status and educational background review
A. The franchisee must have good health status;
B. The franchisee must have a certain cultural basis;
C. Franchisee must be law-abiding and have good moral character;

2. Credit and financial status review
A. The franchisee must have a good social relationship in the area;
B. Franchisee must have a good credit, no debt;
C. The franchisee must have sufficient operational funds;

3. Market operational review
A. Franchisee must love the electrical industry, and have a certain operational capacity;
B. Whether the franchisee has the experience of brand operation;
C. Whether the existing operating conditions are good;

4. Regional audit
A. Whether the franchisee shop location is suitable for business;
B. Whether the area of ​​franchise stores to adapt to local economic development;
C. Whether the location of the franchisee is suitable for Kang Wang electrical brand promotion;

(4) to determine the intention to negotiate the contract
Franchisee through the Kangwang franchise marketing center after the initial review, the two sides reached a preliminary intention to negotiate business negotiations.

(5) to sign a contract
The two sides have no objection to the franchise business contract, the formal signing of the franchise agreement.

(6) franchise decoration
1, the store to provide store floor plan, Kang Wang electrical decoration within three days to give drawings, and provide terminal manual.
2, repair a