Joining the policy

Kang Wang electrical joined the steps

(A) customer consultation
Customers can telephone, fax, e-mail, letters, etc. to Kangwang electrical franchise marketing center to join the consultation, obtain relevant company information;


(2) to apply for joining
The customer after the initial consultation approved Kang Wang electrical appliances, to determine the initial intention of cooperation, to Kangwang franchise marketing center to obtain a franchise application form, and truthfully fill out the relevant form, by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter to submit Kangwang electrical franchise marketing Center to join.

(C) comprehensive quality audit


Kangwang electrical franchise marketing center according to the information provided by the franchisee to review:


1. Health status and educational background review
A. The franchisee must have good health status;
B. The franchisee must have a certain cultural basis;
C. Franchisee must be law-abiding and have good moral character;

2. Credit and financial status review
A. The franchisee must have a good social relationship in the area;
B. Franchisee must have a good credit, no debt;
C. The franchisee must have sufficient operational funds;

3. Market operational review
A. Franchisee must love the electrical industry, and have a certain operational capacity;
B. Whether the franchisee has the experience of brand operation;
C. Whether the existing operating conditions are good;

4. Regional audit
A. Whether the franchisee shop location is suitable for business;
B. Whether the area of ​​franchise stores to adapt to local economic development;
C. Whether the location of the franchisee is suitable for Kang Wang electrical brand promotion;

(4) to determine the intention to negotiate the contract
Franchisee through the Kangwang franchise marketing center after the initial review, the two sides reached a preliminary intention to negotiate business negotiations.

(5) to sign a contract
The two sides have no objection to the franchise business contract, the formal signing of the franchise agreement.

(6) franchise decoration
1, the store to provide store floor plan, Kang Wang electrical decoration within three days to give drawings, and provide terminal manual.
2, repair at the same time, to provide wiring program, Peihuo program.

(7) advertising planning
Kang Wang appliances for the franchisee to provide product Atlas, price tag, nameplate and POP advertising and so on.

(8) business training
Before the opening of Kangwang electrical stores on the franchise manager, clerk system training; including product knowledge, sales skills, store display, management and practice training.

(9) opening
Each large flagship store opened, Kangwang electrical company executives will bring the relevant consultants and marketing planning agencies went to the scene cut the ribbon, and invited the local well-known decoration design company and subordinate distributors on-site exchange interaction.

(10) market supervision
1, the franchisee will store the real picture into the picture back Kang Wang Electric franchise marketing center for the record.
2, Kang Wang electrical market supervision regularly, from time to time on the franchise to visit the guidance.盟店进行巡访指导。

Joining strategy

Brand influence advantage

From the economic and practical design concept, simple, heavy, generous, the atmosphere of Kang Wang electrical products with strong strength, the brand dominated the Chinese market, leading the fashion trend, the leader of the refrigerator, vigorously develop domestic and foreign markets.

Product quality advantage

Adhere to the refinement of the process, quality control standards, all product development and manufacturing process in line with ISO-9001 quality certification system requirements, quality assurance, excellence, the pursuit of excellence, Kang Wang is the eternal pursuit.

Price positioning advantages

Master first-hand products, the company implemented a unified national retail price, the product of the franchise, the price positioning to the franchisee to leave a larger profit margins, price advantage and no match.

Unique mode advantage

Mutual configuration for the original model, improved the sale, buy the relationship, you, I am a family, is to increase the assets of the fission increase business opportunities.

Chain business advantages

Unified sales model, unified brand promotion, unified management system, making the complex business links into a simple and orderly, step by step, easy to make money

Cargo distribution advantages

Production base Most of the goods with inventory, order 3-7 days to join the franchisee where the city

Team combination advantage

The company brings together a number of sales elite, marketing planning, management and management talent, the company on the franchisee free sales skills, store display and other professional training.

Terms of joining



1, a strong sense of dedication, a sense of responsibility and good personal business reputation, agree with Kang Wang electrical business philosophy, willing to long-term sincere cooperation, not one-sided pursuit of immediate interests.

2, with the normal business needs of the various documents, such as business license, tax registration certificate, legal personality, etc., with the necessary funds for normal business (the principle requires more than 300,000) and business premises (store business area of ​​30 square meters Above) and so on.

3, there are more than 2 self-employed outlets, and according to Kang Wang Electric VI company manual decoration products display shop.

4, agree and willing to implement Kangwang electrical-related market management policies, service standards, settlement policies, advertising promotions and so on.

5, have sufficient human support, including the unified training of professional shopping guide staff, project promotion team and service team, has a relatively strong network construction and management capabilities, marketing capabilities. Have good customer service awareness and service ability.

6, actively cooperate with Kangwang Electric Company to carry out the distribution area of ​​advertising, public relations and promotional activities, and willing to take part of the advertising, public relations and promotional costs.

7, to ensure the completion of Kangwang electrical cooperation products distribution area sales quota and other market targets (such as distribution rate, market share, retail network construction goals, etc.), to maintain brand influence, market share continued steady growth.

8, the first purchase to meet the bulk requirements.

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